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Zombie is knowing you are one zombie is the mall zombie is your picket fence zombie comes in flavors of 9-5 zombie is your american flag zombie is no child left behind zombie is falsified history zombie knows all history is false zombie is false zombie is...how much did you pay for that purse? zombie is you zombie is a reality in hyper zombie comes from without and lives within zombie is in your veins zombie is democracy zombie has only ever been to two parties zombie is comfort zombie is stability zombie drinks it all away zombie pills it all away zombie is a sitcom zombie is on every channel zombie is airborne zombie is racist zombie is petite colon zombie is without anger zombie is here zombie is us

As far as anything goes. Anything is going here. Zombie shirts are printed on 6.0oz cotton tee shirts. They are pre shrunk and tend to be more comfortable than not. We wouldn’t sell anything we ourselves wouldn’t wear. All of our shirts are absolutely hand printed. We get our hands inky and contagious in order to bring you the most personally hand crafted and cared for tee.

Zombie also known as The Zombie Movement and as well as our baby line Zombabies comes from the city of the lost. Yes that’s right Los Angeles. There are many problems with our city and our world for that matter, but despite this we are proud of our city and have done our best to make this concrete jungle a giant canvas for all our creative endeavors. And for the most part we’ve succeeded.

Returns & Exchanges
As far as this subject is concerned, we offer exchanges for all orders within 14 days of purchase. We cannot however offer returns at this time due to the fact that we have mad student loans that are cracking their long whips on our backs. Crack!

What else?
Zombie was created because we dig zombies, and we believe in their metaphorical representation. We got tired of being branded with clothing that didn’t mean anything. All our clothing reflects messages that we agree with and encourage, or they feature images of people that we believe have done right for the good of humanity. We’re kind of blunt sometimes. See our “Fuck Republicans” shirt. If you are offended by Zombie then Zombie isn’t for you. If you are offended by Zombie and it still makes you happy, shoot us an email we should probably be friends.

Oh yeah shipping is free within the United States. Shipping to anywhere else is $4.
“Hasta la Victoria siempre!” Che